It’s now cheaper than ever to get wireless in-ear monitors, so the question remains: Do I actually need them? Despite the numerous benefits from having in-ears, there are still some factors that you would have to consider.

  1. Cost

    1. Now I know that this might contradict what I just said, but despite being cheaper, Wireless In-Ear systems still aren't “cheap”. A good set of monitors are still going to run about $350-$500, so furnishing a band with them gets pricey, quick. It’s important to figure out who in the band is going to be using them and how many you need.

  2. Space

    1. It’s also good to gauge the size of the gigs you are going to be using them for. Most bar gigs don’t offer enough space to even necessitate them, but even mid-range venue gigs can benefit from their use. If you have the space to move around, the monitors will be a welcome addition. If you’re crammed in the corner of a small club, you’re most likely going to be dealing with an additional set of gear to save 10ft of cable.

  3. TheMix

    1. The most important aspect of using in-ear monitors is the mix. Having a sweet set-up means nothing if the audio going into it isn’t well mixed. Having a good sound engineer, and being able to do it yourself properly, is they key to utilizing any monitor setup effectively. The other problem is volume. When you have in-ear monitors, the potential to damage your hearing is greater, so you have to take care to monitor and limit your levels.

In-Ear Wireless Systems are a great idea for many bands, but make sure that they’re the right choice for your band. In some situations, cost might outweigh the benefits! When you’re ready though, we have plenty of affordable and reliable units at the Guitar Factory.

  • JL