Players who have been active since the 1970’s are probably familiar with a few of the original DOD pedals. Starting as most pedal companies do (in a garage), the original line of DOD pedals developed a cult following and became highly sought after pieces for both collectors and gigging musicians alike. Often considered the first “boutique” brand of pedals, DOD pedals tended to emphasize more experimental sounds influenced a generation of players, whether they knew it and not. The DOD brand has been revitalized by Digitech and are bringing the classic sounds back to modern players (and at reasonable prices).

  • The Gonkulator

    • A Ring Modulator with some attitude, the Gonkulator can take your guitar from a slight de-tune to full blown robot chaos. With adjustable frequency, ring amount and even distortion, you can warp your sound beyond recognition.

  • The Meatbox Subsynth

    • Want to literally blow someone’s socks off? The Meatbox is a subharmonic bass synthesizer that can add a subtle bass enhancement and a massive, skull crushing wall of noise. For even more fun, use it on a Bass guitar and and an 8 String and really rattle some teeth.

  • The Compressor 280

    • It’s a compressor! While from the outside it looks simple, there’s a lot going on under the hood of the 280. An optical resistor circuit provides accurate control of your playing while the true bypass circuit leaves your sound untouched. The simple controls on the surface make it easy to dial in a particular sound and quickly change it back if need be.

  • The Gunslinger

    • The Gunslinger is a MOSFET distortion designed to replicate the gain staging of a guitar preamp tube. From a light crunch to a searing lead, you can pull it all out of the Gunslinger.

  • The Looking Glass

    • If The Gunslinger is a metal meathead, the Looking Glass is it’s hippie garage-rock cousin. From shimmery, vintage fuzz to over-the-top tube busting leads, the Looking Glass has the same sonic versatility as it’s beefier counterparts, but from a different era.

DOD is back in full swing, and this is just a small offering of what you can get from the venerable pedal manufacturer. Come down to the Guitar Factory and give these a shot today!