In Review: Ibanez RGIX20FESM-FSL

Gear Used:


Orange Crush CR60C

Hey there internet… why not give the new RGIX20FESM-FSL from Ibanez a stage dive for its money.  The guitar is equipped with a Nitro Wizard III neck and a bound ebony fretboard.  With 24 frets and two active EMG picks, this guitar is ready to thrash for days.  I plugged this axe straight into the Orange Crush CR60 and was stunned by how responsive the EMG pickups were.  They handle high gain situations super well with no feedback.  With the gain off they are pristine and pure.   For when you’re really digging into a breakdown, the killswitch comes in very handy.  This guitar is suited for rockers of all kinds.  Come on down and check out this guitar for yourself.