It’s a common notion that good wireless costs money. If you want the reliability and features that the pros use, you have to pay what the pros pay. Shure doesn’t believe fully in that notion, and is looking to deliver professional features at an affordable price with their new GLX-D Wireless Guitar pedal. The GLX-D operates on a 2.4 GHz digital wireless frequency, giving you a lot more flexibility in your signal and practically no chance of an audio dropout. If you wind up getting some interference, you can automatically scan for open channels right from the bodypack! The pedal also features a highly accurate strobe tuner as well as 40 db of clean gain, meaning you can take the wimpiest pickups to the proper levels. Cram all of that inside of a hardcore metal housing and you’ve got a unit ready to gig! Also, I may have forgotten to mention the units best feature: A USB rechargeable battery! Rather than fumbling with piles of batteries, you have a lithium ion battery that lasts for 16 hours on a single charge! Recharge the unit with the included quick-charger and get 1.5 hours of operation in 15 minutes! I’ve taken the unit we’ve got here at the store for a jog and got no dropouts, which is a lot more than I can say for other units. The Shure GLX-D packs a ton of professional features into a entry level product and I’m sure it’ll be a part of your rig soon.

  • JL