Aphex Model 1401 Acoustic Xciter Acoustic Instrument Exciter EQ Pedal DI Box Green SN1228

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Model 1401 Acoustic
Especially adapted for use with acoustic guitars, violins, cellos, violas, accordions, xylophones, keyboards. Any traditional acoustic instrument outfitted with active or passive pickups. Voicing is clean and open. Gives better articulation, clarity, and and projection with the feeling of a fuller reach to the lowest notes.

Plus -- These terrific units work with your other effects, making them sound even better!

High impedance instrument input (10 megohms)

Low impedance instrument output -- drives a long cable effortlessly

Aural Exciter

Big Bottom

Lo Tune Control

Lo Blend Control

Hi Tune Control

Hi Blend Control

Foot Switch with LED Indicator

Active/Passive Input Switch

Balanced XLR D.I. Output

Ground Lift

Wet/Dry D.I. Output Switch

9V Battery or AC Adapter Powered

Ruggedly Constructed







Proprietary Circuitry
Aural Exciter(tm)
Countless albums and CD's owe part of their success to the Aphex Aural Exciter It's been a 'secret weapon' of top producers and artists for over 24 years. This patented process adds transient discriminate harmonic details to the sound - without turning it into distortion. If you want distortion, then use any distortion effect you like. The Aural Exciter will still add something good. No other so-called 'exciter' or 'maximizer' even comes close to the genuine Aphex Aural Exciter. You're going to hear that for yourself.

Big Bottom(tm)
Not a sub-synth, or static boost, Big Bottom is a smart system that adapts and improves what's already there. Speakers gain an extension of their low end, yet amplifiers and speakers are not overloaded. You get better sustain, but still get all the transient punch. Beyond bass, however, Big Bottom adds warmth and roundness to any instrument. Optical Big Bottom is the latest technology advancement using an optical compression device for smoother and punchier control.



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