Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal

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Featuring high-fidelity audio processing at 32-bit/96 kHz, the BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal has 12 delay modes that can evoke modeled analog ambience, clean digital repeats, and other delay types in between. While the delay processing is digital, it leaves your fundamental tone untouched as it passes through to the output, either as a true bypassed or buffered signal. Once your patches are set, they can be edited and manipulated in real time using the front-panel controls and footswitches, as well as separately available footswitches and expression pedals. With its built-in memory, the DD-500 can even function as a looper pedal.


Twelve Versatile Delay Modes and Deep Editing Options
With the DD-500's 12 delay modes, you can create any delay sound from warm, gritty vintage delays and tape echo to complex modern delay lines that employ pitch shifting, filtering, and other unique processing. With the hands-on knobs, it's easy to shape essential parameters and create great sounds immediately. Each delay type also includes a semi-parametric four-band EQ, modulation, ducking, and many other parameters, allowing you to dive deep and refine tones with great precision
High-Quality Sound Processing
In the DD-500, every delay mode has been carefully crafted for a unique sonic personality and highly musical tones realized by 32-bit/96 kHz processing throughout. And while the DD-500's delay effects are digital, your straight guitar tone remains 100-percent analog at all times, with your choice of buffered or true bypass operation. In addition to strengthening the analog dry signal, buffered bypass has the added benefit of enabling carryover, so delay trails are not cut off unnaturally when the effect is disengaged
Advanced Features for Stage and Studio Use
The DD-500 has a large, integrated LCD which fully supports the pedal's immense capabilities, giving you clear visibility of delay time, patch ID, and more on one screen, plus navigation for detailed parameter tweaks, naming, and system management. Via USB, it's simple to connect to your computer for patch backup and MIDI I/O opens up many additional control options with advanced setups such as a pedal board incorporating complex switchers like the BOSS ES-8 Effect Switching System
Deep Real-Time Control
With its freely assignable controls, the DD-500 delivers creative expression and performance flexibility. By default, the A, B, and TAP/CTL switches offer intuitive control for two patches, bypass, bank selection, tap tempo, and more. However, they can be customized to operate in alternate ways, such as providing top-level access to three different delay patches, or allowing you to use two patches at once for layered delay sounds. Instead of tap tempo, you're able to assign the TAP/CTL switch to various real-time functions like Warp or Twist for a wide range of expressive effects. Even more parameters can be manipulated via an optional expression pedal or external switches, and MIDI I/O opens up many additional control options with advanced setups
DD-500 Delay Modes
  • Standard: Clear digital delay
  • Analog: Emulates classic analog "BBD" delays like the BOSS DM series
  • Tape: Emulates the warm sound of tape-based delay units, including the Maestro Echoplex and legendary Roland RE: 201 Space Echo
  • Vintage Digital: Emulations of early digital delays from the 1980s, including Roland's famous SDE-2000 and SDE-3000 rack units, and the BOSS DD-2
  • Dual: Two different delay lines that can be connected in series or parallel
  • Pattern: Sixteen different delay lines that can be set independently for all types of unique rhythmic effects
  • Reverse: Backwards delay for cool psychedelic effects and other unique tones
  • SFX: "Special effects" delay with a highly unique sound character
  • Shimmer: Pitch-shifted delays for lush, heavenly textures
  • Filter: Delay with a sweeping filter
  • Slow Attack: Ethereal delays that fade in with playing dynamics
  • Tera Echo: Spacious, animated ambience effect derived from the innovative BOSS TE-2 pedal
DD-500 Assignable Control Functions
The following functions can be assigned to the DD-500's onboard TAP/CTL switch and/or optional external footswitches. These assignments are stored as part of a patch.
  • Tap: Set the delay in time with a song's tempo
  • Hold: The delay's feedback is held continuously while the switch is pressed
  • Warp: Increases the delay's feedback and level simultaneously for powerful expressive effects
  • Twist: Adjusts multiple delay parameters with a single press, creating wild sounds similar to twisting the panel knobs in real time
  • Moment: Outputs the delay sound only when you hold down the switch
  • Roll ½ / ¼ / ⅛: Cuts the delay time to a fractional subdivision of the current setting when you hold down the switch
  • Fade In: Fades in the delay sound
  • Fade Out: Fades out the delay sound
  • Assign 1-8: Allows you to assign and control up to eight different delay parameters at once
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