Q: Are the private lessons always one-on-one and how long is each lesson?

A: Lessons are 30 minutes in length, held once weekly. The lessons are taught one-on-one to ensure that complete attention is given to the student. For our younger students, Instructors may look to bring the parents in to the lesson for the last few moments to allow for progress to be shown and to reiterate at home practice assignments. It is important to note that your lesson day and time will remain the same from week to week(example: Your first lesson is on a Tuesday at 4pm, it is important to know that this is your weekly time slot).

Q: How young is too young for lessons?

A: There truly is no way to determine what age is too young, as there are exceptions to every rule. For drum students, we have students consistently enrolled in the 4-6 years of age range. For guitar, as there is a bit more coordination involved initially, we usually find students aged 7 and older will benefit most from lessons. This is an approximation and there always exceptions.

Q: If I have a child in lessons, am I required to stay in the store during their lesson?

A: If the child is under the age of 7, store policy requires that you remain in the store and/or waiting room during their lesson. If they are older than 8 years, you may stay in the waiting room or leave the store. Should parents leave the premises, we do encourage returning at least 5 minutes prior to the end of the lesson as the Instructor may look to meet to discuss progress and how parents may better assist at home practices.

Q: I am an adult. Is it more difficult for an adult to start an instrument?

A: We hear this question a lot. It is a common misconception that you must begin an instrument as a child. We have many adult beginners that benefit from our program. Your success truly depends on your commitment to the instrument and practice, and not the age you are when you start lessons. We have adults that are accomplished musicians as well, and looking to take their skills to the next level. Music is a process; you never stop learning.

Q: I just signed up for lessons. What should I be prepared with for my first lesson?

A: You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your lesson. This is to complete the registration process with the Program Director prior to the beginning of your first session. For Guitar students, bring your guitar, picks, tuner, and strap. Amps/wires are provided. Drum students should be prepared with a pair of drum sticks that you plan to use. For piano students, we provide grand piano style keyboards in the studio rooms. During your first lesson, your required book will be shown to you. Any other specific questions, please call to speak with our Lesson Program Director at 677-0908.

Q: How does payment for the lessons work? Can I use my credit card?

A: When paying the initial registration fee of $25.00(a one-time fee), you may use your credit card. Our Instructors are Independent Contractors, therefore when paying your monthly lesson fee, cash or check is the only method of payment accepted and is paid directly to your Instructor.

Q: What if I pay for the month and I have to miss a lesson?

A: 24 hours’ notice is required for all cancellations, with limited exceptions. You will need to contact your Instructor directly when a cancellation occurs. Your Instructor will work with you to provide an agreeable make up session if applicable. Please do not call the store for cancellations.

Q: What if I decide to discontinue lessons in the middle of the month? Do I get a refund for lessons that I have cancelled?

A: Store policy is that paid for lessons are non-refundable. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to finish out the month of lessons.

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