Yamaha MOXF8 88-Key Weighted Synth

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88 Weighted GHS Keys

128 Polyphony MOTIF XF Sound Engine

Sequencer and Arpeggiator

4-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface

Flash Memory Expandability

Performance Mode for Enhanced Creativity

Advanced Computer Integration


Bundled Software

Easy Operation, Comprehensive Controls


The MOXF8 from Yamaha is a 88-key keyboard workstation with an enhanced audio engine over the MOX series of workstations and includes a comprehensive range of sounds and effects that span all music categories. The keyboard features the company's Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action keys that yield authentic, realistic keyboard responses, with a heavy touch in the bass register that changes to a lighter one in the treble, and a natural gradation of touch in between.


Advanced computer integration allows the keyboard to be the center of a music production studio, with a built-in USB audio interface and a slew of control functions. The sounds can be further expanded with an optional Flash board for adding up to 1 GB of additional sounds. A performance mode that allows for easy split- and layer-creation can enhance creativity, as can the built-in sequencer. Expandable, portable, and compatible with a wide range of other products makes the MOXF8 a very attractive addition for the performing musician, composer, or studio owner.




Comprehensive collection of instrument voices including pianos, electric pianos, strings, wind instruments, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, and drums, as well as a wide variety of vintage and modern synthesizer sounds

Digital re-creations of two Yamaha grand pianos, the 9-foot CFIIIS and the 7-foot S6 with finely-detailed reproduction of their subtle nuances that will satisfy even the most demanding players

A total of 741 MB of waveforms and all-new content with 136 new voices that include keyboard sounds such as clavinets and organs, and a range of sounds from genres as diverse as orchestral and hip-hop

VCM Effects

Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology simulates the effects of vintage EQs, compressors, and phasers at the circuit level

Enables the modeling of the sonic texture of these processors right down to their component transistors and resistors

Includes high-quality effects found in Yamaha's digital recording consoles as well as the REV-X reverb found in the SPX2000

A vocoder allows for connecting a microphone to the A/D input for voice effects or for creating harmonies


88-key GHS keyboard that provides authentic, realistic keyboard response-much like the playing feel of an acoustic piano

Heavy touch in the bass register that changes to a lighter one in the treble, and a natural gradation of touch in between

Performance Mode

Combine multiple voices together (up to four parts) and play them on one MIDI channel, allowing for playing dynamic layer sounds or even solos along with drums and bass backing tracks

Interactive Arp engine generates complete musical performances simply by playing chords or even single notes

256 preset performances in a wide variety of music styles including rock, world, hip hop, jazz, and more


Built-in sequencer for produce music without the need for a computer or any other external devices

Offers both real-time recording, which records performance data in real-time and step recording, which is suitable for recording precise phrases or other difficult passages

Record particularly creative performances directly to a song or pattern simply by pressing the record button

Computer Integration

4-input/2-output USB audio interface built into the instrument allows for recording internal sounds, and the two dedicated audio inputs can be used to record guitars and vocals directly to a computer

A single USB cable (included) transmits both audio and MIDI data between the MOXF and the computer

Digitally record the sounds of the MOXF and anything connected to its stereo analog inputs straight to the recording software of choice

USB connectivity and in-depth keyboard controller functionality provide playback and control of VST soft synthesizers via the audio outputs of the MOXF, allowing for integrating VSTs into a live stage shows with no extra gear-just add a computer

Compatible with all the major DAWs including Cubase

Bundled Software

Includes a variety of music production software that allows for convenient integration with a computer setup

MOXF Editor for detailed editing of voice and mixing parameters

MOXF Remote Editor for editing and creating control templates for VST instruments

Remote Tools makes integration with Cubase software very simple

Cubase AI7

Version of Steinberg's DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software made specifically to integrate with Yamaha music production synthesizers

With both a MIDI and an audio interface the instrument can record up to 32 audio and 48 MIDI tracks

Additionally connect an analog mixer, microphone, or guitar to the analog inputs to record any instrument to a computer via the MOXF

Built-in effects and the ability to control up to sixteen VST instruments allows for executing the complete computer music production process, including notation, scoring, and automated mixing

DAW Software Control

Special remote mode for controlling DAW software that allows for using the buttons on its panel to open and close software windows, add instrument tracks and select VST instruments

The AI knob can be used as a jog wheel, or set so that any parameter hovered over in Cubase is then controlled automatically

The instrument can also be used to control other popular DAW packages

Steinberg Prologue VSTi

Rich-sounding virtual analog synthesizer

Its textural range includes lush, detailed pads and bright, acerbic leads and everything in between

Intuitive user interface provides full editing capabilities with access to the three oscillators, multi-mode filter, four envelopes, two LFOs, a powerful modulation matrix, and onboard effects

Prologue is polyphonic with up to 128 voices

YC-3B Tone Wheel Organ VST

VST Instrument that reproduces the classic sound of tone wheel organs

Sixty-four different preset sound programs that can be edited to create original sounds, which can then saved as VST presets

Comprehensive Controls

Category search mode features sixteen different instrument categories, each with its own sub-categories, so getting the required sound is a fast and intuitive process

Performance Creator allows for easily building up layer or split performances with a single button press - start with a voice and press LAYER to have the MOXF choose a suitable layer sound - press SPLIT to call up a left hand bass sound automatically, and then go to DRUM ASSIGN to access the huge variety of built-in rhythm patterns available


Lighter body means that carrying the MOXF to rehearsals or gigs is easier

50% lighter than a comparable MOTIF model

UPC: 086792981550


Yamaha MOX-F8 Specs

Keyboard     88-keys, GHS keyboard (Initial Touch)

Tone Generator     Tone Generator

AWM2, with Expanded Articulation



128 notes maximum


Multi Timbral Capacity

16 parts (Internal), A/D input part



741 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 3,977 waveforms



Preset: 1,152 Normal Voices +72 Drum Kits, GM: 128 Normal Voices +1 Drum Kit, User: 384 Normal Voices +32 Drum Kits



User: 256 (up to 4 parts)



18 types



Reverb x 9 types, Chorus x 22 types, Insertion (A, B) x 54 types x 8 parts, Vocoder x 1 (uses both Insertion Effect A and B blocks), Master Effect x 9 types, Master EQ (5-bands), Part EQ (3-bands, stereo)

Sequencer    Note Capacity

Approximately 226,000 notes


Note Resolution

480 ppq (parts per quarter note)



124 notes maximum



5 to 300 BPM


Song Recording Type

Real time replace, Real time overdub (with the exception of the Pattern Chain), Real time punch in/out (Song only), Step (with the exception of the Pattern Chain)


Song Tracks

Song: 16 Sequence Tracks (Loop on/off can be set for each Track), Tempo Track, Scene Track

Pattern: 16 Phrase Tracks

Pattern Chain: Pattern Track, Tempo Track, Scene Track



64 Songs

Mixing Voices: 16 Voices per Song/Pattern (up to 256 Voices)

Mixing Templates: 32 for all Songs and Patterns



64 Patterns (x 16 sections)

Measures: 256 maximum



User Phrases: 256 per Pattern



Preset: 7,981 types,

User: 256 types (MIDI Sync, MIDI transmit/receive channel, Velocity Limit, and Note Limit can be set. 4 Arpeggio parts can be played simultaneously)


Scene Memory

6 per Song


Sequence Formats

Original format, SMF format 0, 1 (Format 1 load only)

Other Master

User: 128 (each master includes Master keyboard settings with 4 zones, assignable knob settings, program change table


Sequence Software Compatible with the Remote Control Function

For Windows: Cubase 7 series, SONAR X2

For Mac: Cubase 7 series, Logic Pro 9, Digital Performer 7 (functions to be controlled differ depending on the software)



Pitch bend wheel

Modulation wheel

Data dial

8 x Assignable knob

2 x Assignable function buttons



240 x 64 dot, backlit LCD



2 x 1/4" TS Output (L/Mono)/(R)

2 x 1/4" TS A/D Input (L)/(R),

1 x 1/4" TRS Headphone

1 x 1/4" TRS Foot Controller

1 x 1/4" TS Foot Switch (Assignable)/(Sustain)

3 x 5-pin DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru

USB to (Host)/(Device)


Power Requirements        120V, 60 Hz for included PA-150 power adapter

13W power consumption

Dimensions (WxDxH)     52.0 x 16.0 x 6.6" (1,320 x 405 x 168 mm)

Weight         32.8 lb (14.9 kg)

Packaging Info

Package Weight     45.0 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)        59.0 x 20.0 x 11.0"

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