AKG WMS420 Instrumental Wireless System. Band A

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When you use the AKG WMS420 instrument wireless system, you'll enjoy effortless, economical operation, dependable performance, and great audio quality. Consisting of the SR420 stationary receiver, PT420 pocket transmitter, and an instrument cable, the WMS420 gives you a highly flexible wireless solution that's ideal onstage as well as in locations where you need reliable single- or multichannel wireless. With its charging contacts, the transmitter lets you easily use rechargeable batteries, for economical operation that's particularly attractive for installations. When you need a high-quality, high-value instrument wireless system, you can count on the AKG WMS420.


  • 1 PT420 bodypack transmitter. 1 SR420 stationary receiver
  • Audio bandwidth: 40Hz-20kHz, Up to eight channels coexist in one band, Eight hours of operation on a single AA
  • battery
  • Low-battery warning indicator for confident operation
  • Diversity antenna gives you superior performance in congested in multipath situations
  • Compatible with all AKG MicroMics

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