D'Addario Planet Waves Two-Way Humidification System

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Humidipaks are two-way humidity control packs which automatically maintain the ideal humidity level for your guitar. Use Humidipak Restore if your instrument is dry and needs additional moisture. Use Humidipak Absorb if you're in a high-humidity environment and need to lower your instrument's relative humidity. If your instrument is already at the proper relative humidity, Humidipak Maintain will sustain this level inside your case.


  • True two-way humidity control
  • Maintains constant 45% RH within instrument case
  • No water, no drips, no mess
  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free design

Regulates Humidity in Both Directions
The Humidipak system eliminates the guesswork of managing instrument humidity. Musicians no longer have to worry about over-humidifying or dealing with drips and spills. The two-way system adds humidity when the environment is too dry and absorbs excess moisture when the environment is too damp. The packets in the system change color to indicate the current humidity level and when they need replacement after 2 to 6 months of use, depending on environmental conditions.

Simple to Use
The Humidipak system is easy to set up and maintain. Musicians simply place two packets in the included double pouch, position the pouch over the instrument's soundhole, and place a third packet under the headstock in the instrument's case. The packets regulate humidity within the case to keep the instrument at an ideal 45% relative humidity.

Protects Instruments During Storage and Travel
In addition to maintaining ideal humidity levels during regular use, the Humidipak system protects instruments during storage and travel. The packets continue regulating humidity within the instrument's case, preventing damage from excessively dry or damp environmental conditions. Musicians can rest assured their instrument remains properly humidified even when not in use.

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