DOD Phasor 201 Analog Phaser/Pitch Shifter Guitar Effects Pedal

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One of the first phaser effect pedals ever made, the original DOD Phasor 201, blazed the trail for all phaser pedals after it. The new DOD Phasor 201 (2013) brings the classic analog phaser effect driven by 40+ years of tone-creating experience. The new 2013 DOD Phasor 201 is better than ever before, with true bypass, a crisp blue LED indicator, and modern 9V DC power supply input. Redesigned with a lighter aluminum chassis, sleek blue metallic flake and flat black matte bottom paint job, the 2013 DOD Phasor 201 pedal is a refined take on classic phasing effects, with an incredible new look.

The operation of the 2013 DOD Phasor 201 is pure simplicity. Like the original, the Speed knob controls the depth and speed of the phasing effect, with great tone at any range. True bypass allows your guitar tone to remain pristine even when the DOD Phasor 201 (2013) is off. This is a big difference from the original which would color your bypassed tone. The modern 9V DC power supply input make the pedal more pedal board friendly.

The 201 Phasor adds subtle phasing 2-stage that sounds great with both clean and distorted tones. Due to the lighter tonality of 2-stage phasing, higher speeds are less cluttered and more articulate. Light aluminum chassis, true bypass switching, indicator LED, and modern power jack, round out the features of the deceptively simple 201 Phasor.

A faithful update of the original DOD Phasor 201, the legendary analog phaser effect with over 40 years of history and experience behind it.


  • Based on original DOD Phasor 201 circut design with updated components
  • True Bypass
  • New crisp blue LED status indicator
  • Lighter aluminum chassis


- Input: 1¼” Instrument
- Output: 1¼” Instrument
- Chassis Material: All Metal
- Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Dry Battery, PS0913DC power supply


- Height: 2.25”
- Width: 2.63”
- Length: 4.68”

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