Dream Cymbals DMERI22 Dark Matter Eclipse Series 22" Ride Cymbal

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Painstakingly hand hammered and fire forged, Dream cymbals have an unmistakable character derived from aging and reheating their cymbals until master smiths have determined the time is just right to let them sing. Their Dark Matter Energy ride cymbal takes this dedication to new heights, leveraging a proprietary method of extreme stress and repeated firing to affect changes at the molecular level. Players will notice the compelling character of this ride that is initially quite dry, but sizzles into an almost misty fade. The proprietary Dark Matter process imbues the cymbal with scorched undertones and plenty of definition, leading to a distinctive sound that has impressed premiere drummers. A responsive cymbal with this type of dynamic range rarely exudes this type of versatility!


  • Proprietary Dark Matter treatment method affects cymbals at a molecular level for unmatched sonic and visual character
  • Dark Matter process allows cymbals to continue to be broken as you play, becoming unique to each drummer
  • Designed to deliver dry, snappy attacks with sustain that sizzles into mist
  • Versatile profile includes rich, crisp highs and an unusual mix of heft and clarity

Evolve your drum tone with Dark Matter series cymbals

Dream’s Dark Matter cymbal series was created as a result of thoughtful engineering and a ruthless call for percussive experimentation. Each Dark Matter cymbal is refired multiple times, producing a scalded finish that looks great. And did we mention it functions just as well as it looks? The refiring process changes the molecular structure of your cymbals, allowing them to slowly — but surely — break in and match your playing style over time. The Dark Matter series includes an entire line of percussive additions — from crashes to rides, you’ll be able to personalize your entire kit to uncover a sound that’s unmistakably yours.


- Type: Ride
- Size: 22"
- Finish: Raw
- Material: Bronze
- Sound: Dry, Intense Articulation

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