Dream Cymbals DMFE20 Dark Matter Flat Earth Series 20" Ride Cymbal

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Created out of our unrelenting need to explore sound, the Dark Matter line was released in 2010 and quickly sent the industry into a tailspin trying to catch up - Beware of imitations! Dark Matter is created from our proprietary process where the cymbals are fired repeatedly.

The extreme stresses from this action create changes to the cymbals on a molecular level, taking months of aging to mature and evolve. These cymbals continue to grow as they are broken in and played upon, becoming part of your own unique musical voice.

Dream offers four styles of Dark Matter: Energy, Flat Earth, Moon and Eclipse.

Dark Matter Energy
Featuring the unique charred finish of the Dark Matter Series, the Dark Matter Energy Crashes explode beautifully and then disappear into the mist. The rides sizzle with a powerful combination of dry gritty undertone and total clarity of definition.

Dark Matter Flat Earth Rides
These are a stunning combination of two signature Dream sounds. The Small Bell Flat and the Dark Matter combine to create a sound that is salty, gritty and dry without losing the life of a fine hand hammered ride. The bells are borrowed from our famous Small Bell Flat Rides with the bow of the cymbal is nearly flat. The Dark Matter re-firing process harnesses the wash and adds a unique layer of complexity to a true dark horse. Can you tame it?

Dark Matter Moon Rides
The granddaddy of the Dark Matter series. These are completely unlathed cymbals. Quite heavy and unapologetic, dry and cutting. Not for the faint of heart.

Dark Matter Eclipse Ride
A unique hybrid of the unlathed Moon Ride center surrounded by a wide swath of warm rich Energy cymbal. This newest addition to the family, the Eclipse Ride provides a dry, articulate center zone with an outer area that has darker undertone and a broad solid wash.

A wondrous mysterious combination of 2 of Dream finest creations- the small bell flat ride and the dark matter series. This extra dry but responsive ride is nearly flat, double tempered and ha s a small bell.


Small bell dark wash with amazing sound directly off the stick
A must hear
Micro lathed by hand before refiring
Flat profile
Small bell


- Type: Flat Ride
- Size: 20"
- Finish: Raw
- Material: Bronze
- Sound: Extra Dry, Dark Wash
- Bell Size: Small
- Manufacturer Part Number: DMFE20-U

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