Dream Cymbals DMMRI20 Dark Matter 20" Moon Ride Cymbal

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Dream continues to dazzle drummers by blending their cymbal lineups to unleash eternally unique sonic qualities, such as the Dark Matter Bliss Series. Dark Matter cymbals undergo multiple firing processes that puts intense stress on the cast alloy, resulting in months of molecular aging that creates a charred appearance and overall complex-sounding wash. Break them in and you can hear, feel, and see your cymbal voice match itself to your playing style. The Moon Series, however, boasts a huge bell with heavy and totally un-lathed construction that — when paired with the multiple firing of the Dark Matter process — produces an unapologetically dry and cutting ride tone with a tamed wash.


  • Multiple firing chars the exterior and creates a complex wash
  • Sound and feel subtly changes overtime to match your unique playing style
  • Large bell, heavy construction, and un-lathed surface results in a dry and cutting ride tone
  • Useful as a darker ride cymbal for your setup!

Evolve your drum tone with Dark Matter series cymbals

Dream’s Dark Matter cymbal series was created as a result of thoughtful engineering and a ruthless call for percussive experimentation. Each Dark Matter cymbal is refired multiple times, producing a scalded finish that looks great. And did we mention it functions just as well as it looks? The refiring process changes the molecular structure of your cymbals, allowing them to slowly — but surely — break in and match your playing style over time. The Dark Matter series includes an entire line of percussive additions — from crashes to rides, you’ll be able to personalize your entire kit to uncover a sound that’s unmistakably yours.


- Type: Ride
- Size: 20"
- Weight: Heavy
- Finish: Raw Material:
- Bronze Sound: Dark, Complex Wash

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