Dream Cymbals ERI20 Energy Series 20" Ride Cymbal

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The Energy Ride 20 has excellent stick definition and a bell that can cut diamonds. This cymbal works well as a result in both jazz and Rock settings where you want power but some sense of control.

Dream’s Energy Ride cymbals are an explosive blend of sonic power and precise control! Like all Dream cymbals, this ride is crafted from a blend of modern design and traditional methods, resulting in a cymbal with a broad dynamic range, touch-sensitive response, and a long but controlled decay. Each Energy Ride features an unfinished bell that produces a strikingly articulate tone to cut through any mix, while the micro-lathed outer area delivers all the warmth and projection you could ask for. An excellent choice for drummers of all styles, percussion pros find that this cymbal is a particularly fine choice for musicians working in rock or jazz contexts who require body and projection without sacrificing control.


  • Articulate off the stick with a raw cutting bell
  • Versatile
  • Micro lathed by hand
  • Bell is unlathed
  • Medium taper, gradual bridge
  • Hand-hammered construction utilizing traditional cymbal-crafting techniques
  • Touch-sensitive response provides enhanced control over your sound
  • Massive dynamic range with a long, beautiful decay wash
  • Unfinished bell produces a sharp, cutting tone


- Type: Ride
- Size: 20"
- Finish: Traditional
- Material: Bronze

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