Powerwerks PW3X6BT 300W Self Contained PA w/ Digital Effect BtE

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The PW3X6BT is designed for the performer seeking a convenient, portable sound system with uncompromised power and performance.

These towers have a 3 channel mixer and amplifier built into the back of the cabinet. The straight forward control panel is easy to navigate even for the novice. Three input channels with mic, line, aux and Bluetooth inputs add convenience and flexibility to your live set up. Independent volume controls on each channel and a master control allow you to adjust levels with precision. These controls allow you to bring your sound into focus on each track. The subwoofer out jack allows bands and DJs to enhance their low end performance by adding a powered sub.

The system equalization is inspired by the natural response of studio monitors and is tailored to be pleasing to the ears over hours of listening. With the Hi and Low controls set at 12 o’clock, each channel responds with unaltered, studio-accurate precision. Three 6” woofers and a high frequency neodymium compression driver give demanding performers the low frequencies they need while retaining rich and detailed mid-range and crystal clear high frequencies.

BLUETOOTH The Aux / Bluetooth channel makes wireless pairing possible for any Bluetooth device and is perfect for streaming audio. Non-Bluetooth devices can connect directly to the PW3X6BT using the 3.5mm Aux Input jack.

POWERLINK & POWERBANK Powerkwerks’ own Powerlink circuit provides all the flexibility you’ll need for a variety of events and venues. Connect a standard XLR microphone cable to the Powerlink Out jack on your PW3X6BT and your tracks combine and can be played through the Powerlink In jack of another Powerwerks PW model. The Power Bank is a convenient feature for the gigging musician. Two USB jacks can be used to charge or power phones, tablets, digital recorders and other USB devices.

24-bit Digital Signal Processing The PW3X6BT also comes loaded with a bank of four digital effects, to add extra sparkle to your live performance. Use the push button to select between the Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, Chorus+Reverb and Delay+Reverb and effects level knobs to blend the effects into each channel.

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