Rotosound RS66LD Swing Bass Electric Bass 4 String Set (45-105)

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The Rotosound RS66LD Long Scale Swing 66 Bass Strings are a set of round-wound stainless steel strings from the iconic British brand that pioneered this style. Rotosound was the first string company to produce round-wound stainless steel bass strings, introducing them in 1962 and they've become the favorite of bassists like Billy Sheehan, John Paul Jones and Geddy Lee. The RS66LD Long Scale Swing 66 Bass Strings feature a balanced gage set with a bright, punchy tone perfectly suited for rock and metal. The stainless steel wrap wire is precision-wound onto a steel core, producing a cutting tone with plenty of midrange and treble. The balanced tension makes these strings comfortable to play while still retaining a taut, responsive feel.


  • Long scale
  • Gauges: 45-65-80-105


Tension Chart

- Diameter: 0.045"
- Tension: 48.27lbs

- Diameter: 0.065"
- Tension: 51.30lbs

- Diameter: 0.080"
- Tension: 43.80LBS

- Diameter: 0.105"
- Tension: 38.60lbs

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