SE V-PACK-US-CLUB V Pack Feat. V Kick 2 V Beat W/Clamps V7 X Pair of SE7 with Case

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The V PACK CLUB consists of one V KICK for your bass drum, two V BEATs and V CLAMPS for your toms, one V7 X for your snare, and a pair of sE7 condensers for your overheads. All mics and accessories come securely packaged inside a robust plastic flight case, with empty spaces included to accommodate one more V BEAT and V CLAMP plus your favorite hi-hat mic.


  • A full set to mic a drum kit
  • Securely packaged inside a robust plastic flight case
  • Empty spaces to accommodate additional mics
  • Includes 1 Kick mic, 2 Tom mics with clamps, 1 Snare mic, & 2 overhead mics
  • V Kick is compact & versatile with EQ bump switches
  • V Beat is ergonomic & has a specialized capsule for detailed, natural sound
  • V Clamps are compact and compatible with many mics, not just sE
  • V7 X is ideal for Snares and vocals while being great for a variety of other uses
  • sE7 Stereo Pair are small diaphragm condensers perfect for overheads & acoustics

The V KICK is the most compact and versatile drum microphone in its class, intended for use with kick (bass) drums or other large drums where low-frequency energy is of the utmost importance. Its integrated swivel joint allows for any required mic placement, and its specialized capsule provides a sound character tailored specifically for kick drums, which can be further shaped with the use of two switches on the rear side of the microphone. From warm and classic to modern and aggressive, the V KICK gives you any kick drum sound you need.

The V BEAT is the most compact drum microphone in its class, intended for use with snare or tom drums. Its specialized capsule provides a highly detailed, extremely natural sound character on snares or toms of any size, with amazing off-axis rejection to minimize bleed from nearby drums and cymbals. Its ultra-compact design and parallel XLR connector & stand mount give it the smallest footprint in its class, and its rock-solid swivel mount allows its angle to be adjusted with great precision so it can be aimed at almost any part of the drum head to achieve whatever sound character is required.

The V CLAMP is the fastest, most compact and most practical drum mic mounting system on the market, and is compatible with any popular snare or tom drum. It was designed as the perfect companion to sE's V BEAT for snare or tom miking purposes, but it is also compatible with many other popular microphones. Its sturdy elastic clamp enables setup and tear-down within seconds, and its robust, bulletproof design is built for use on the road. The height and rotation of the connected microphone can be easily changed by loosening the V CLAMP's knob and adjusting the position of the rod, allowing perfect positioning for any desired drum tone, or to minimize spill from nearby drums.

V7 X
The sibling to the acclaimed vocal-oriented V7, the V7 X is a dynamic instrument microphone intended for a broad range of studio or stage instrumental applications, and ideal for snare drum miking. Its specialized capsule's innovative aluminum voice coil and brand new acoustic design are specifically tailored for pristine full-bandwidth instrumental reinforcement & recording, with a perfectly natural balance of detailed highs and incredibly deep, clear lows. In addition to snare drums, the V7 X is a great option for electric guitar cabinets, brass instruments, vocals, choir, and more.

sE7 Stereo Pair
The sE7 is a high-quality back-electret small diaphragm condenser microphone intended for a wide range of studio and live sound applications, from drum overheads to acoustic guitars to pianos and beyond. With an optimized acoustic design, discrete class-A circuitry, versatile attenuation and low-cut switches and a transformerless output, it delivers clear, natural sound quality at all frequencies for any instrument, without suffering from fizzy highs or a lack of low-frequency punch.

What's in the box:
1x V7 X
1x mic clip for V7 X
1x sE7 Stereo Pair
2x mic clip for sE7
Plastic case
sE Logo sticker
User manual with warranty card
2x Knurled nut for LP Mic Claw
1x thread adapter for V KICK
2x thread adapter for V BEAT
1x thread adapter for V7 X
2x thread adapter for sE7


- Mic Dimensions ( x H): 60 x135 mm (2.36 x 5.31 in.)
- Mic Weight: 468.4 g (16.52 oz.)
- Thread Adapter Dimensions ( x H): 15.46 x14.88 mm (0.61 x0.59 in.)
- Thread Adapter Weight: 12.7 g / 0.45 oz.
- Knurled Nut LP Mic Claw Dimensions ( x H): 24.1 x 3.92 mm (0.95 x 0.16 in.)
- Knurled Nut LP Mic Claw Weight: 8 g (0.28 oz)

- Mic Dimensions ( x H): 61 x110 mm (2.4 x 4.33 in.)
- Mic Weight: 347.1g (12.24 oz.)
- Thread Adapter Dimensions ( x H):: 15.46 x14.88 mm (0.61 x0.59 in.)
- Thread Adapter Weight: 12.7g (0.45 oz.)
- Knurled Nut LP Mic Claw Dimensions ( x H): 24.1 x 3.92 mm (0.95 x 0.16 in.)
- Knurled Nut LP Mic Claw Weight: 8 g / 0.28 oz

- Clamp Dimensions ( x H): 57.43 x 75.11 mm (2.26 x 2.96 in.)
- Clamp Weight: 92.5 g (3.26 oz.)

V7 X:
- Mic Dimensions ( x H): 47 x176 mm (1.86 x 6.93 in.)
- Mic Weight: 269 g (9.49 oz.)
- Mic Clip Dimensions (LxWxH): 62 x 32 x 80mm (2.44 x 1.26x 3.15in.)
- Mic Clip Weight: 30g (1.06 oz)
- Thread Adapter Dimensions ( x H): 13.3 x 10.6mm (0.52x 0.42 in.)
- Thread Adapter Weight: 15g (0.53 oz)

sE7(Stereo Pair):
- Mic Dimensions ( x H): 23 x120 mm (0.91 x 4.72 in.)
- Mic Weight: 256 g (9.04 oz.)
- Mic Clip Dimensions ( x H): 26 x72 mm (1.02 x2.83 in.)
- Mic Clip Weight: 22.3 g (0.79 oz.)
- Thread Adapter Dimensions ( x H): 15.88 x11.5 mm (0.63 x 0.45 in.)
- Thread Adapter Weight: 12.7 g (0.45 oz.)
- Plastic Case (including inner lining):
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 47 x 36 x 17 cm (18.5 x 14.17 x 6.69 in.)
- Weight: 2600 g (127.43 oz)

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