Suzuki BB-F Contra Bass Xylophone Bar. Key of F

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Pitched one full octave below the bass xylophone, this Suzuki Bass Bar features an oversized bar that is carefully tuned for maximum low frequency response. Mounted on its own resonator tone chamber, each bar comes individually boxed and includes one large felt mallet.

The Suzuki BB-F Contra Bass Xylophone Bar is a remarkable musical instrument known for its rich and resonant tones. Specifically designed in the key of F, this xylophone bar offers a deep and mellow sound that adds a unique character to musical compositions. Crafted with precision and quality materials, it is a favorite among professional percussionists and music enthusiasts seeking to enhance their performances with its distinct timbre and exceptional playability.


  • Oversized bar that is tuned for maxiumum low frequency response
  • Mounted on its own resonator tone chamber
  • Individually boxed
  • One large felt mallet


- Material: Padouk (Wooden Tonebars), Plywood (Box)
- Dimension: 180 × 540 × 275 mm
- Weight: 3.5kg
- Accessories: w / a large felt mallet

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